New Zealand – European Union Free Trade Agreement – Live 1 May 2024

8th Apr 2024

New Zealand’s free trade agreement with the European Union, one of the world’s largest trading entities, will enter into force on 1 May 2024. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade provides detailed information:

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Supply Chain of Success in Aotearoa

8th Aug 2022

What if we looked at the supply of people in Aotearoa under the lens of supply chain management methodologies together with public expenditure? The supply chain connectors are various phases of life of people either born or arriving to live in Aotearoa.

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Are you paid what you deserve?

4th Aug 2022

Procurement Salary Guide New Zealand and Australia 2022

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Conflict of Interest Declarations

Conflict of Interest Declarations! A key component of any procurement process. Everybody agrees. Why then are some organisations lacking a thorough Conflict of Interest “culture”, why is this important declaration often forgotten about, sometimes submitted towards the end of the procurement process (or not submitted at all), and why are some organisations not walking theRead more

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Fit for Purpose Procurement Approach – what is it?

On many occasions, when we are engaged to lead procurement processes for our customers, we see business owners (and others) wanting to apply a procurement process that is not fit for purpose. What do we mean by ‘fit for purpose’?

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Why procure a resource as a service?

Sometimes it also makes sense to engage a procurement specialist for a particular procurement project where in-house capacity and capability is insufficient and deadlines are tight. This is where we come in – we are procurement consultants, we are highly experienced and well qualified with Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply certifications (MCIPS and FCIPS).Read more

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