PAAS Partners provide advisory within all aspects of the Procurement and Commercial Management life cycle.
If you need additional capacity and/or capability to deliver a project, a tender or have people on unexpected leave - or you just have too much going on and you are under pressure to deliver - please contact us for a chat to see how we can help.


The value you add to your internal customer’s operations is a factor of how early you engage with your internal customer. Ensure you are both in the same room when procurements are planned.

It is in the planning phase real value is added which is where you need your internal customer involved.

Good Procurement planning is an enabler for you to realise value for money. To know where you are going, you must know where you are coming from.

If you are planning to issue a tender, it is in this phase you set up a Tender Evaluation Panel and obtain commitment from the members.


Once you have completed the planning and the procurement plan is approved, you are ready to enter the Source phase. This is where you prepare and issue the tender documents to the market.

Pre-engagement with the market / suppliers are highly recommended for high value high risk procurements.

Suppliers may know more than you so why not ask them.

Ensure tender evaluation panel members are still committed to the tender evaluation process.

Ensure you provide a solid briefing to unsuccessful tender respondents.


This is where most Commercial Management activities takes place. This is also the activity where many organisations let themselves down. Often we see that – once the contract is signed – the contract document slips quietly into the bottom drawer never to be seen again – until things are starting to go wrong.

Establish clear ownerships of the contract and the relationship with key suppliers as within your supplier categorisation.

Ensure key suppliers are met with on a regular basis as per contract and supplier management plans, and that meetings have an agenda and minutes are produced and recorded. This approach will set the foundation for innovation and future opportunities for both parties.