We provide advisory services adding value to your business operations.

We have a forward-thinking approach where our goal is to future proof your business. We are an enabler of better decision-making and by that helping you avoid unnecessary expenditure.

We love what we do. We are passionate about helping others succeeding.

Exporting to New Zealand

Exporting your products to a new market can be challenging. It can be risky, can take a long time before consumers get access, and it can be costly before any rewards are collected.

Let us help you connect, mitigate the risk, save time, and minimise the cost when preparing to enter the New Zealand market. Let us be your on-the-ground commercial agent.

We can help you bring your goals into reality by providing you with insights enabling you to make good decisions. As New Zealand specialists, we can help you keeping up to date with market movements and trends.

Importing New Zealand products

New Zealand produces many products that are in demand by the rest of the world. Main exports are meat, dairy, fish, wine, fruit & nuts, and forestry.

Finding the right supplier that align with your business values and operations can be a tricky process. Its important to get it right the first time.

Let us do the work to equip you with great decision-making information so you get the right supplier who can provide you with the products that add sustainable value to your business.

Procurement and Commercial Management

We can be your extra pair of hands when you need it. Procurement and Commercial Management done right really adds value to your bottom line.

Ask yourself – are you getting enough from the investment you have made in your procurement and commercial activities? Or – do you feel your procurement and commercial activities always are re-active, there is no time available to add real value, your customers find themselves waiting for you, processes are too complex and not fit for purpose?

PAAS Partners provide advisory within all aspects of the Procurement and Commercial Management Life Cycle, including Risk and Operations Management.

For New Zealand public agencies; we are a member of the All of Government consultancy services supplier panel and can be engaged easily via a Consultancy Service Order (CSO).